Packing Tips to Help You During Moving

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In our earlier posts, we have already given you some moving tips and unpacking tips. Today we give you packing tips to ensure that all your stuff arrive at the designated destination safe and sound.

These are tips to help you in packing the different stuff in your house; furniture, jewelry, clothes, glassware etc. Packing on your own will also help you save some money since the moving company will not charge you the packing cost. Continue reading

How to find the right moving company


Once you decide to move into a new house or home, the next thought that comes to mind is how to go about it; use a moving company or do it yourself. If you decide to use a moving company you will be faced by another question of what moving company to use. There are many other moving companies out there apart from us which offer these services. As much as we would love you to use Armstrong Movers and Storage Company for your move, the final decision is solely yours. Continue reading

4 Reasons Why you Should Hire a moving company


Moving to a new home or office can be a hectic process or a very easy one. It all depends on how you handle the whole process; alone or by the use of a moving company. If you decide to go on it alone, moving will be one hectic and tiresome process but if you decide to involve a moving company, it will be a stress free process. Continue reading

Unpacking Tips after the Move

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The moving process can be tiresome but with tips to follow at your fingertips, it gets easier. After the packing process, you might be feeling so tired and with no energy left to unpack. However, unpacking has to be done. The first idea that comes right into your mind is to unpack everything at the same time with no particular order. It might seem the easier option at the time but after you are done unpacking, you will come to the realization that all you have is a disorganized and an untidy house. In our previous article, we gave you storage tips. Today, we are giving you tips on how to unpack after moving to your new home. Continue reading

Top 10 Moving Tips

Moving, sometimes may sound like a simple process of packing things in one location and unpacking them at another location. What most people do not understand is that moving requires a lot of prior planning and attention. Whether you are going to use a moving company like Armstrong Movers and Storage or do it on your own, you should bear it in your mind that moving should be planned beforehand.

It is always advisable to consult from friends who have moved before on the most important moving tips that one should have in mind. We’ve done a research for you from such people and moving experts and below are the top 10 moving tips. Continue reading

Tips on choosing the right moving containers

Knowing the right containers to pack your stuff in is one of the most important things during moving. Storage containers can either damage your belongings or keep them safe until you get to your destination. This is why choosing the right moving containers is essential in ensuring the safety of your stuff during and after the move.

So, how do you go about choosing the right moving containers? Continue reading